15'x24' Beaded Pool Liner - Tahoe Valley 52"

15'x24' Beaded Pool Liner - Tahoe Valley 52"

15'x24' Beaded Pool Liner - Tahoe Valley 52"

Because this liner is Made in the USA, by real craftsmen, it is built better and gets our 30G classification. 25 Gauge (EXTREMELY WELL MADE) Backed by a 15 year Manufacturer's Warranty & a Lifetime Linerworld Warranty. Fits all 52" tall pool walls. FREE SHIPPING. Ships UPS Ground (3-6 business days). Let the sun do the work and have a ball with the Tahoe Valley!! FREE with purchase.....Complete "how to" instructional guideline, designed specifically for homeowners tackling the job of installing a pool liner. Check it out, click on, Swimming Pool Information at www.linerworld.com. 

Bead Receiver, also known as tracking for a beaded liner, holds your liner onto your pool walls. We highly recommend replacing your Bead Receiver when replacing your beaded liner.


Bead Lock, sometimes called Bead Wedge, helps the liner stay in the track and lessens the chance of the liner slipping out of the track during the liner’s life . We highly recommend replacing your bead lock when installing a new liner.


For a limited time - Comes with a FREE $60 Store Credit: that goes towards the purchase of a PREMIUM - RHINO GUARD winter cover. Our Rhino cover shipment comes in this Fall. Redeemable September-November. Usually ships by 5 PM - same day!


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