MEGA TECH - Solar Cover - MEGA TECH - 12mil

MEGA TECH - Solar Cover - MEGA TECH - 12mil

MEGA TECH - Solar Cover - MEGA TECH - 12mil

  • Please always order by your pool size.
  • Raise pool water temperature at least 10-15 degrees with this solar cover.
  • 12 gauge solar cover
  • Swim earlier and later each season.
  • Slash energy bills.
  • If you have a gas heater, a solar cover can save you hundreds of dollars on heating costs.
  • Thousands of air bubbles in our solar blankets act as insulators, retaining heat at night and reducing evaporation of water and chemicals during the day.
  • We offer only superior-quality solar covers made of tough stabilized resins that will stand up to years of use.
  • UV Protected to last under intense sunlight.
  • Super-strong seams lie flat and can withstand repeated folding better competitors' solar cover.
  • Reduce evaporation by 95% and save pool chemical usage by 50%.
  • Acts as a barrier to prevent leaves and debris from entering pool.
  • Super Strong Seams
  • 5- yr Manufacturers Warranty

How a Solar Cover Works: 

Solar blankets are designed to reserve heat. Solar energy passes easily through the cover, as it lays on the surface of your pool. That heat is retained in the water since it cannot readily travel back up into the atmosphere, due to the special design of the cover.

Solar Cover Information:

To ensure proper fitting- Leave the cover floating on your pool for 2-4 days to remove the packaging creases.

Can a solar cover be trimmed- Yes at any time you can cut and re-shape the solar cover even if you get a smaller pool!

Installation of the cover: Please make sure that when you do install the blanket the BUBBLE SIDE is always facing DOWN.

Should I wait to put my solar cover on if I have just shocked my pool: Yes, wait at least 12 hours before installing your solar cover. The chemicals may cause damage to your cover and void warranty.

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