Successful claims are executed by the replacement of pool cover only. Refunds will not be given for warranty claims. If the same product is not available when processing a claim, a comparable product will be substituted. All warranties must be approved by our warranty department. First step: contact our warranty department and send a picture of the problem for approval. Any return must be authorized in advance and have a RGA number on the box, and returned – freight prepaid. A season ends on December 31st of each calendar year. Purchaser shall pay all freight charges to and from the factory for all repairs or replacements in addition to the following charges:

  • 90 Days From Purchase Date: No charge
  • First Season, after 90 Days: $50
  • 2nd – 5th Season: MSRP less $20
  • 6th-15th Season: MSRP less $10

Warranty covers defects in workmanship. Please examine your cover carefully before installation and be sure to handle your cover carefully since the manufacturer is not responsible for any tears or punctures caused by improper handling. Your pool cover is warranted from the date of purchase according to the above pro-rata basis based on the current suggested manufacturer’s suggested retail price (which may be different from the price you paid).

Your pool cover is designed to keep dirt and debris out of your pool during the non-swimming months which may cause your pool cover to become dirty, grimy and exhibit some calcification. This is normal and indicates that your cover is doing its job. Your cover must be installed so that the weight of the cover is supported by the water. Therefore, before closing your pool, make sure there are no leaks and lower the water level in your pool to below the skimmer. Follow direction for winterizing your pool. Even though your pool cover is made of strong material, it is required that you pad all sharp, rough and/or abrasive surfaces. When your cover is installed it is normal for small amounts of water to seep on to the surface of the cover.

For covers with straps, put unfilled water bags through the straps making sure that the water bags fit along the entire perimeter of the cover. It is critical that there are no gaps where wind can get under the cover and which can cause severe damage to your cover. If the water inside your water bags may freeze, the water tubes should only be half filled.

For above ground covers, weave the cable through the grommets and insert one end of the cable into the spindle inside the winch and insert the opposite side of the cable into the opposite side of the winch and into the same spindle. Tighten the winch being careful not to tear any of the grommets. Please note that excessive abrasion and grommets pulling out are specifically excluded from this warranty.

You should never use abrasive material such as concrete blocks or bricks, to hold down your cover. You should never use milk jugs or other weights attached to the grommets to hold down your cover. Never remove leaves or other debris with a sharp object such as a rake. Do not let excessive water or ice accumulate on top of your cover. Do not remove your cover from your pool without first pumping off all water. Make sure you store your cover only after it is cleaned and dried in order to prevent mildew.

Warning!!! Stay off the top of the cover since it will not support your weight. Remove the cover from your pool completely before using your pool. Keep children away. Children can drown on top of the cover and cannot be seen if they crawl under the cover. This is not a safety cover.

It is expressly agreed that there are no warranties expressed or implied made by the dealer and/or Diggers Pool Services, Inc. except as stated in this document. A sales slip confirming date of purchase must accompany the return. Cover must be dry, clean and repacked for shipment. Purchaser is responsible for all installation or reinstallation costs for any cover repaired or replaced. The cover must be installed correctly according to instructions. Diggers Pool Services, Inc., LinerWorld.com, Shop the Great Backyard, Internet Pool Supplies, Quality Pool Products, AAA Liner Replacements, or any dealer is not responsible for chemicals, water loss, reinstallation and/or labor costs, and/or any inconvenience cost.

Any return must be authorized in advance and have a RGA number on the box, and returned prepaid freight.

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