Highly durable grade products are LinerWorld’s specialty. The pool liners we sell are simply the best quality, best grade on the market. That’s why LinerWorld provides a Lifetime Warranty on our of our pool liners. In addition, most of the pool liners we sell also come with the manufacture’s 15 – 25 year limited warranty.

For any reason, during the life of the pool liner, LinerWorld will supply you with professional grade patch adhesive to repair the liner for the low cost described below (shipping is not included):

  • Year 1-5: $9.99
  • Year 6-10: $19.99
  • Year 11-25: $29.99

The customer is responsible for completing the repair service. And if the liner is damaged beyond repair, or if the customer needs a new liner for any reason, LinerWorld will sell any liner listed on our website with a $10 discount off the sale price.

If you have additional questions, our Customer Service representatives are happy to help!