With the holiday season fast approaching, you may be starting the hunt for the perfect gifts. With many outdoor pools closed up for the winter, swimming pool accessories may be out of sight, out of mind. However, there are plenty of fabulous accessories at various price points that the swimmers of all ages on your list will love — especially when it’s time to open the pool again. Whether you’re buying for yourself, a family member, or a friend, here are our favorite holiday gift ideas for pool owners and water lovers…

1. Towels

There’s no such thing as too many towels when you spend a lot of time around the water. While it may sound simple, beach towels are a practical and useful gift for any pool owner or water lover. They’ll get plenty of use when your loved one is sitting poolside and soaking up the sun, but they can also use them inside during the off-season too! Plus, towels come in all sorts of colors and patterns, and can even be customized with monograms, so you can find one as unique and special as the person receiving it.

2. Deluxe Pool Lounger

For someone who likes to kick back and relax, a deluxe pool lounger may be just the thing. Your loved one will be floating in ultimate luxury all summer long with a built-in backrest and cup holder. High-quality loungers are incredibly durable and can often be used on land and in the water, which makes them a handy and versatile accessory.

Buy now:
Aquadolce Deluxe Pool Lounger (Espresso) – $69.99
Aquadolce Deluxe Pool Lounger (Turquoise) – $89.99

3. Outdoor Entertaining Accessories

Outdoor Entertaining LinerWorld

Who doesn’t love having friends and family over to spend time gathered in the backyard around the pool during the summer months? That means outdoor entertaining accessories, like tablecloths, kitchen utensils, and grilling tools, are always a welcomed gift. Depending on your budget, patio lights, furniture, and canopies are also often at the top of pool owners’ holiday wish lists and make for great presents as well. It’ll have them craving those warm summer nights outside.    

4. Water Toys & Games

Water Catch Game

Water games and toys are a great gift option for any water lover, but especially kids. Diving sticks and rings, catch sets, paddle sets, basketball hoops, volleyball nets, and other toys are always appreciated. Having a variety of water toys and games provides hours of fun, entertainment, and exercise. They are great for pool parties, barbeques, and other social gatherings during the warm months.

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Dive Stick Set – $24.99
Kokido Pad Catch Ball Game Set – $26.99
Kokido Glove & Ball Catch Set – $29.99
Kokido Paddle Set – $34.99

5. Solar Heat Panels

Solar Heat Panel

Here’s a great one for the environmentally-conscious pool owners on your list. Solar panels (and other solar pool products) harness the power of the sun to heat the pool, which can help extend the outdoor swimming season and lower pool heating costs dramatically. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and never goes out of style.

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Solar Heat Panel (2×20) – $189.99

6. Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning is an ongoing process that non-pool owners don’t think about. Frequent cleanings are necessary, but not often a favorite way to spend time in the water. A robotic pool cleaner can help owners clean and maintain their pool more efficiently, allowing them to spend more time actually enjoying time in the water and providing a cleaner, safer place to swim. It’s a gift that’s sure to get a lot of use during the busy pool season.  

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Drakbot Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner – $299.99

7. Waterproof Electronics

Electronics and water generally don’t mix, which can be a problem for swimmers and people who spend a lot of time around water. Thankfully, there are plenty of waterproof solutions that they’re sure to appreciate and use, including waterproof headphones, watches, phone cases, and cameras. For those that love entertaining, an outdoor TV or speaker system could be a great gift that takes those pool parties up a notch!

8. Floating Swimming Pool Lights

LED Floating Swimming Pool Light

Lighting can be a fun addition to any pool. Since they allow people to swim after dark, they’re also a great way to help swimmers make the most of their outdoor pool. If you’re looking at pool lights as a gift, floating LED lights are a great option. There’s little to no installation, they can work with any design, and they run on rechargeable batteries, so there’s no added ongoing utility costs or maintenance, which your loved one is sure to appreciate.

Buy now:
LED Floating Swimming Pool Light (Ocean Blue) – $89.99

9. A Customized Pool Sign

Customized pool signs are the perfect gift for owners who like to show off their unique style and personality. If you’re a DIY, crafty person, you may be able to make a special, one-of-a-kind sign to give as a gift. Otherwise many can be found around stores or online specialty shops, like Etsy. Check out our blog featuring some of our favorite pool signs on Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas!

10. Water Fitness Accessories

We’ve talked before about the numerous benefits of swimming pool exercise. If the person you’re shopping for this holiday season is a health enthusiast, then maybe you can get them some aquatic fitness equipment to help take their workouts to the next level. Kickboards, dumbbells, swim bars, swim caps, and resistance fins are all great options.

Happy Holidays!

We hope this helps kickstart your holiday shopping season and gives you some ideas for the pool owners and swimmers on your list. Be sure to stay up to date on maintenance with our mid-winter pool care checklist. Happy holidays!