Sometimes people looking to add a little water fun and recreation to their property get torn between purchasing a pool or a hot tub. We may be a little biased, but we’re big fans of swimming pools here at LinerWorld. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons pools may be a better investment for your family than a hot tub.

Health and Wellness Benefits

From weight loss and reducing risks of illness, we often tout the numerous health and physical benefits that pool owners and swimmers experience. Both pools and hot tubs utilize water, which is low-impact and reduces muscle strain and injury while working out. Both can allow you adequate room to do stretches, strength training, and a few other exercises that don’t require much space. However, pools are usually larger and deeper than hot tubs, meaning you’ll have even more room for exercise activities that require space, like swimming laps and diving.


Both swimming pools and hot tubs are great for socializing. In general, water brings people together for fun and relaxation. However, due to the larger size, pools often accommodate for more socializing and entertaining than hot tubs and jaccuzis do. While some large hot tubs and swim spas can hold multiple people, a below or above ground pool can generally still hold more – meaning you can have both intimate and large gatherings.


If you have kids in your life or just enjoy a little more lively outdoor fun yourself, pools also allow for diving boards, slides, floats and games, rather than the more sedentary experience of a hot tub. Hot tubs may be relaxing, but swimming pools are just pure fun! If your family and friends lead a more active lifestyle or have kids, a pool may be a better fit.


One of the things many jacuzzi owners put at the top of the pro column is that they’re able to use their spa all year long, whereas a pool usually has to be closed during winter. While that may be true, we’d argue that there’s nothing quite a like cool dip in the pool on a humid summer day. In our opinion, that makes the downtime for the rest of the year worth it. And in some many people can use their outdoor pools all year for swimming, sun bathing, and entertaining.

Overall, the most important thing is to look at your family’s lifestyle, the size of your yard, and what you hope to get out of your investment. When you narrow in on that, the answer to “Should we get a pool or hot tub?” should come pretty naturally.

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