Whether you enjoy the occasional dip in the pool during vacation or are a frequent swimmer, goggles are a must have. While some of the benefits of goggles are almost self-explanatory, there’s more to them than you may think. If you’re still on the fence about wearing goggles while in the pool or spending more money on a high-quality pair, let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Eye Protection

It goes without saying that a main benefit of wearing goggles is that they protect your eyes from chemicals and debris in the pool water. Eyes and skin irritation are two of the most common dangers of chlorine. While it is safe to swim in properly chlorinated water, goggles are a great way to reduce any eye redness, discomfort, and risk of infection in water that isn’t properly maintained. If you swim in natural bodies of water, like lakes and oceans, it can be dangerous (and nearly impossible) to swim without goggles due to salt, bacteria, and other debris, so they come in extra handy there as well.

In addition, some types of goggles have UV protection that shades your eyes from the sun. If you plan to do any outdoor swimming, this can be a great asset and shield your eyes from any long-term sun damage.

Improved Visibility

Whether you swim competitively or just enjoy playing pool games, being able to see while swimming is crucial. Good underwater visibility can improve safety, competitive performance, and make swimming easier and more fun!

For the approximately 75% of the population who use glasses or contact lenses  to be able to see, goggles are especially useful. You can buy prescription goggles if need be, or use standard goggles to protect your contacts while you swim and lounge by the pool. That way you can enjoy the water without worrying about losing a contact lens or damaging expensive glasses.

Help Kids Learn to Enjoy Water

For youngsters who are still getting used to the water, goggles can be a lifesaver. One of the initial fears many children have with water is putting their head under. Goggles allow them to keep their eyes open, which reduce anxiety. However, kids may not like suction and tightness of goggles at first. You may want to try introducing your child to goggles at home in the bathtub to get them used to the eye protection before using them at the pool where the child may already be nervous. Once they get over that initial fear of water, goggles can continue to promote a lifelong love of water in children by allowing them to swim deeper and enjoy more water activities (like diving and pool games) with clarity and confidence.

As your child progresses in the water, encourage them to try swimming without goggles as well. That way they learn how to orient themselves and not panic if they’re ever in an emergency water situation without goggles.

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Stylish Accessory

You design your deck and patio area to match your décor preferences and pick a swimming suit that is flattering and expresses your unique sense of style, right? Well, goggles can be just one more accessory that helps you showcase your personality! Like suits and patio décor, goggles come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles to fit your needs. Be sure you’re matching the right goggles to the right swimming activity:

  • Competition goggles: High quality, fit close to your eye socket to reduce drag and improve hydrodynamics when racing.
  • Practice goggles: High quality, usually have more rubber to allow for comfort and longer wear.
  • Recreational goggles: Less expensive and not intended to be used for long periods like competition and practice goggles.
  • Masks: Larger than normal goggles, used for snorkeling and scuba diving.

As you’re picking out a pair of goggles, the most important thing to pay attention to how they fit. Be sure they are the right shape for your face to help avoid leaks and discomfort during extended wear.

If you plan to purchase a pool or you’re already a pool owner, goggles should definitely be on the top of your swimwear accessories list. With increased visibility, safety, sanitation and fun, a pair of stylish and high-quality goggles are well worth your money. Learn more about popular swimming accessories, like swimming suits and swim caps, on our blog.

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Benefits of Wearing Goggles in the Pool