Signs are a great way to make your patio area feel homier and show off your unique personality. You can use pool signs to remind family and friends of pool rules, add to the theme or décor of your pool area, and even help keep your deck and patio more organized. As an added bonus, they’re easy to make yourself and make great gifts for water lovers and pool owners! If you’re looking for some inspiration to spice up your patio area, here are a few of our favorite pool signs (as seen on our Pinterest page).

Pool Rules

Swimming pool safety and sanitation should always be a top concern, especially if you have kids or guests spending time near your pool. Having a fun, colorful sign like the one showcased below can help keep important safety and sanitation rules top of mind in a creative, no pressure way. We like the below example because it’s fun and easily customizable. You can add or change rules and match the color and fonts to fit the style of you patio area.

While safety is important, sometimes you just need a reminder to relax and have fun. If your pool is a sanctuary from the stress of the rest of the world, you may want to consider showcasing that with a sign that takes a less serious spin on pool rules idea, like the one below.

Fun Pool Rules

(Image by MadiKayDesigns via Pinterest) 

Stay Organized

If you’re sick of towels all over the deck or constantly searching cluttered drawers for your grilling tools, you’re in luck! We love the below signs that pulls double duty as not only fun, creative décor pieces but also as a way to stay organized and reduce clutter around the pool. Again, they’re also easily customizable to match the color scheme and style of your patio area!

Pool Towel Hanger

(Image by One Krieger Chick via Pinterest)

Grilling Tool Hanger

(Image by Lil Luna via Pinterest)

Rather than towels and grilling tools, you could also use a similar type of sign as a place for you and your guests to hang up keys, purses, bags, diving rings, or even swimming suits. Instead of hooks, you could also try hanging baskets or crates to store pool toys, pool cleaners, or other supplies when not in use or as a dry place for cell phones during swim time.

Keep Calm

“Keep Calm and Carry On” has been a popular phrase since the British Government released a number of morale boosting posters during World War II. Since then, people have continued making the slogan their own and express their thoughts, ideas, and hobbies. If you’re a fan, you can put your own swimming spin on it for a fun pool sign like the one shown below.

Keep Calm and Pretend You're at the Beach Sign

(Image by The Sign Shoppe Custom Wood Signs via Pinterest)

Be sure you show off your own pool theme, style, and personality. Other “Keep Calm” ideas to try include:

  • Keep Calm and Swim On
  • Keep Calm and Just Keep Swimming
  • Keep Calm and Put Your Goggles On
  • Keep Calm and Be a Mermaid
  • Keep Calm and Dive In
  • Keep Calm and Enjoy Summer
  • Keep Calm and Drink Responsibly

The swimming pool sign possibilities are endless. Browse our Pinterest board for more ideas, slogans, and DIY guides to find the sign that’s perfect for your deck or patio space!

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