Warm weather and plenty of sunshine mean it’s the perfect time of year for a backyard party. Why not use the sun to your full advantage during your event? Solar products are a great way to use sustainable, green energy to power your barbecue, game day, celebration or pool party. Keep your energy bills down with these popular sun-friendly options:

Solar Lighting for Your Backyard

Nothing sets the mood better than lighting. Even when the sun goes down, you can still tap into the day’s energy resources with solar-powered lights. Check out some of these unique ideas for lighting up your festivities:

  • Solar LED String Lights: Draped on your bushes, hung like a curtain or strung up your fence, these are a safe choice and easy to put up and take down.
  • Ground Stake Lights: Light up a winding backyard path, highlight a backyard area or add additional lighting to surround your swimming pool with ground stake lights. Handy and often inexpensive, all you need is a couple of inches of soil to keep them secure. The small solar strip is typically located on the top of the light.
  • Tiki Torches: These are a classic, fun take on outdoor lighting and perfect for a party atmosphere. Solar-powered versions eliminate the hassle of open flames, batteries, and cords.

Solar-Powered Swimming Pool Cover

Keeping the cover on your pool during your gathering? A solar pool cover will use the sun’s rays to help your pool water retain heat when not in use. Jumping into cold water or waiting hours for the water to warm up each day is not ideal, which is why this option is an easy, hassle-free way to keep your pool water temperature up. LinerWorld offers two high-quality solar covers including the HIGH TECH Solar Cover and the MEGA TECH Solar Cover, both of which can heat up your pool by 15 degrees or more.

Shop Now:

High Tech Solar Cover (8mil) – $59.99

Mega Tech Solar Cover (12mil) – $69.99

Solar Water Ionizer for Your Pool

If you are planning on using your pool during your backyard soiree, ionizing your water is a  great way to decrease harmful algae growth, bacteria, and other contaminants. Instead of installing an electrically-dependent system, a solar water ionizer is an energy-efficient, cost-effective alternative and 100% natural with no chemicals, no toxins, and no difficult installation. Your guests will be welcomed to take a splash with clean, clear, ionized water.

Solar Swimming Pool Heater

Solar pool heaters go a step beyond pool covers and generate energy to warm your pool. If you’re afraid your pool party plans may be ruined by cool weather, or you’re hosting an event toward the beginning or end of the pool season, a solar heat panel or solar dome heater is easy to use and don’t require electricity to keep your guests comfortable in the water.

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Solar Dome Pool Water Heater – $159.99

Solar Heat Panel 2′ x 20′ – $209.99

How are you going to use the sun to power your backyard party? Share your ideas with LinerWorld on Facebook and check out our solar swimming products for more information on energy-efficient ideas. Also, check out our handy guide to solar products for your swimming pool.

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