Not sure which pool finish is right for you? Learn the difference between plaster, aggregate and tile finishes as well as the benefits of investing in a protective pool liner.

Plaster Finishes

A common, classic look, plaster finishes are a mixture of Portland cement, water and another element such as white quartz sand, marble dust or acrylic fortifier. Homeowners have the choice of opting for the classic white look, or choosing a more natural dark color, adding depth and a mirrored appearance to their pool’s surface. Plaster is very inexpensive and can last nearly a decade without any signs of wear and tear.

Aggregate Finishes

Similar to plaster finishes, aggregate pools are a combination of plaster mixed with small pieces of decorative pieces like stones, glass beading, quartz or granite. Advantages to an aggregate finish include a stronger, more resistant barrier against harsh chemicals, staining and chips. With so many different customization options, they are great for creating a unique look. The two types of aggregate finishes include exposed and polished.

  • Exposed: These types of finishes are applied by hand while the mixture is still wet. After application, the top layer is usually power washed away, revealing the dazzling array of stones, glass or quartz beneath.
  • Polished: With a polished aggregate finish, the interior decorative pieces within the plaster are smaller and finely crushed. The surface is then polished, creating a smooth and long-lasting exterior that shimmers and sparkles, enhancing a pool’s beauty.

Tile Finishes

Becoming increasingly popular, tile finishes are a durable and customizable option for pool owners. Used as an accent piece or full interior pool finish, they add dimension and style. These finishes will typically be more expensive than alternatives, although their lifestyle is generally longer as well.

  • Ceramic/Porcelain: If you’re looking for something striking, ceramic or porcelain tiles might be a great choice. Reminiscent of European art, ceramic tiles can be arranged in ornate mosaics that express your individual style.
  • Glass: A popular choice in the luxury pool market, glass tiling is incredibly durable and can last longer than most alternatives. While pricey, the results can be stunning.
  • Stone: For the naturalist, stone is a beautiful choice and can help your pool blend into the backyard space. The look mimics a lake or river setting and is a durable choice.

Protecting Your Pool

If you’re worried about your pool being subject to harsh chemicals, pool liners are a great addition to keeping the actual pool’s surface safe from harm. LinerWorld pool liners are made from Virgin Vinyl with advanced UV and chemical protection, vibrant colors and sturdy construction. Check out our website to learn more and extend the life of your pool.