In addition to being an awesome source of summer entertainment, swimming pools offer the benefit of being a great resource for exercising! According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, just two and a half hours per week of aerobic physical activity, such as swimming or running, can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses. With those health benefits, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be considering swimming as a fantastic form of aerobic exercise. Below, the team at LinerWorld has researched and developed a list of benefits highlighting just how effective of an exercising tool swimming can be for any individual.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Exercise

May improve mental health

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that water-based exercise can improve the mental health of an individual. The constant stretching and relaxing of your muscles in pool water, as well as the deep breathing patterns used with swimming, have been shown to invoke a relaxation response similar to meditation or yoga.

Helpful for individuals with physical limitations

  • Swimming is a good fitness choice, especially for individuals that may have physical limitations or who find it difficult to practice other forms of aerobic activity. When the human body is immersed in water, it automatically becomes lighter. If you’re overweight or suffer from arthritis, the pool can be a great way to strengthen muscles and work stiff joints through an aerobic workout.

Low chance of injury

  • Although swimming may typically burn fewer calories than cycling or running, the risk of injury is much lower in the water. Since swimming is a non-weight bearing and low-impact method in which to get an aerobic exercise, the chance of injury is much lower than more demanding workout alternatives such as running or biking.

Helpful for older adults

  • Since swimming is considered an aerobic exercise, its primary purpose is to strengthen the heart in helping it become more efficient. Naturally, this type of exercise can assist in helping combat heart disease and high blood pressure.

If you’re looking for an aerobic exercise that’s low risk for injury and extremely helpful in terms of physical and mental health, swimming is probably the right choice for you. As always, if you’re not sure whether you should be exercising in a swimming pool, ask your doctor first.