Debunking Swimming Pool Myths

There seems to be a number of “myths” surrounding swimming pool cleanliness and water chemistry. Though many of these swimming pool myths are just old wives tales passed around through word of mouth, it’s important to know the truth about proper swimming pool maintenance. The team at LinerWorld has uncovered several of these myths in an effort to better educate swimmers and pool owners out there that may have preconceived notions.

“You can’t get sick from swimming in a pool”

  • FALSE! There are a number of diseases and infections that can be obtained through swimming in a pool. With proper water chemistry, however, you can reduce the risk of swimmers getting sick from your swimming pool.

“A strong chemical smell is a good thing”

  • FALSE! In fact, a swimming pool that is adequately disinfected will not have a strong chemical odor. The strong smell is due to chloramines, which are byproducts produced by chlorine’s reaction to perspiration, urine, and other contaminants. The strong chemical smell may indicate the need for more chemicals rather than fewer.

“Chlorine in the pool water will turn my hair green”

  • FALSE! Individuals with blonde hair are most prone to this phenomenon, but it’s not caused by chlorine; in fact, the green hair is caused by metals such as copper in the swimming pool’s water chemistry.

“You don’t have to measure chemical levels exactly”

  • FALSE! It’s crucial to properly measure chemistry levels in order to prevent bacteria and infections in your swimming pool. Improper alkalinity, calcium, and hardness levels can cause your pool’s water to corrode the walls or even turn the water green.

“You can use household cleaners in your pool”

  • FALSE! Many household cleaners may not be safe for your pool. Typically, using professional pool chemicals in your pool can help prevent damage to your pools water chemistry and structure. If you’re still unsure about which products to avoid putting into your pool water, don’t hesitate to contact a LinerWorld pool professional!

As you can see, these swimming pool myths exist only as myths. If you own a swimming pool, it’s important to understand the best practices in swimming pool maintenance and upkeep. If you have any questions regarding pool chemistry please don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at LinerWorld, or feel free to browse our swimming pool resources.