The Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter is one of the three filter systems that are used to clean a swimming pool. The filters clean the particles that are in the water and filter them out using the skimmer box and then having the water flow through the system. The way that those particles are measured is through microns. The smaller the micron number, the smaller the particle. So, the smaller the micron rating the filter has, it will do a better job cleaning the water.

DE filters generally have the best micron ratings compared to the other two filters competitors. This type if filter uses a white powder called diatomaceous earth. This helps with the cleaning process but it is not the sole contributor. Inside the tank, the grid makes a filter cake which captures the dirt particles and cleans the water. After backwashing the system, the grids need to be coated with a new cake. This is really the only tedious part of this system. After each backwash, a new batch of DE needs to be added to the skimmer. The amount depends on the size of the filter. It is usually said the 1 pound of DE is used per 10 square feet of filter.

Another optional part of the DE system is the separation tank. This allows the dirt and DE to be separated from each other. This is helpful because then the DE would have to be disposed of and some cities don’t like having the DE in their sewer systems because they cause clogs. These tanks should be cleaned every time the filter is cleaned.