When the water tables are high, a swimming pool liner has the tendency to float. A floating pool liner is one that sits on top of water that has accumulated underneath the liner. A heavy amount of rain water will increase the chances of a floating swimming pool liner.

Appearing as though there is an air bubble underneath the swimming pool liner, a floating pool liner may cause the liner to weather at a greater rate causing a shortened lifespan or failure of the pool liner. This phenomenon can happen to an above ground pool liner as well as in ground pool liners.

Many swimming pool owners do not diagnose this problem correctly, blaming the pool service company or the swimming pool liner manufacturer, when in fact, the problem should be chalked up to the fact that the rain accumulation, and the rising water level within the ground are the main sources of the problem. Moreover, do not stress about it too much, because this kind of issue can happen just as a result of owning a vinyl liner swimming pool. LinerWorld offers information regarding how to fix floating pool liners.