Winter can cause all sorts of damage to an above ground swimming pool, but if you take precautions and winterize the swimming pool properly you may help in preventing some damage from occurring.

Some damages may include:

  • Pool wall indentations or cracks on the pool structure.
  • Ice build-up located on the inside of the pool that could cause a pool liner tear, puncture or rip.
  • Broken or cracked parts on equipment that has not been properly removed or stored away in a safe dry place and has been left outside during the winter months.

You never want to ignore a repair or damaged that needs repair on a swimming pool. Even a small damaged area could result in a costly repair and expensive invoice sent to your home, if the problem is not taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

Sometimes, depending on the area we live in, there is no way to get around the winter months and damages may occur to the swimming pool because mother nature has nothing better to do but cause us more grief than happiness. But here are a few tips on how you can help prevent all if not some damage to your swimming pool caused by winter:

  • Make sure you have winterized and covered your pool correctly.
  • Store all swimming pool accessories and equipment that is required to be stored away in a safe dry place.
  • When it comes time to open the pool, keep a checklist of any noticeable damage that you see and immediately call your local pool service for assistance.

The sooner you fix damages, the less likely you will have to shell of hundreds of well earned dollars for the repairs later on.