Type of Heater



Natural Gas

Natural gas pool heaters are less expensive to run than propane gas pool heaters, simply due to the cost of the gas. These natural gas above ground pool heaters burn the same amount of gas.


Heat pumps run on electricity and emit no hazardous pollutants into the air like natural gas and propane. Heat pumps operate by extracting heat from the air, compressing the air to warm it up, and transferring the heated air into your pool water. Since the outside air is always warm when the pool is in use, heat pumps for pools are ultra-efficient. They are much cheaper to operate than natural gas or propane.

Propane Gas

Propane Gas Above Ground Pool Heaters are built for dependability and efficiency. At the heart of its efficiency is the combustion chamber, surrounded by a super-efficient ceramic fiber that works better than any other insulation material. The most reliable in the industry.