pink algaePink algae is not really an algae at all, but it’s a form of bacteria. It is a rare type of algae. Pink algae will appear as reddish, pink spots or slimy streaks in corners and cervices, pipe-fittings and light fixtures on the pool surface and it will slowly spread over an entire swimming pool.

Pink algae will form slimy pink or clear layers over countless surfaces. Brushing it off is fairly easy, but simply trying to remove the slime is enough to put a halt to the problem.  If a serious infestation occurs, it can turn the pool water cloudy, almost like a white milk swamp. If none will brush off, you probably have metal staining.

Swimming pools located near the ocean seem to be at high risk. It’s possible to contaminate your swimming pool with pink algae if you do not thoroughly clean swimsuits, under water goggles, water toys, etc.

Algaecides and other anti-algae treatments are often useless against pink algae since the pink slime is caused by bacteria, not by true algae. There are formulas that will kill both algae and most types of bacteria. The most common form of treatment against pink algae in a swimming pool is to use chlorine in combination with special anti-pink algae product.